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The Pierce Group Introduces New Luxury Agent — Lusmila Duval

June 14th, 2013

Perfect Property Purchases is dedicated to providing the finest properties and best customer service in the industry. Award-winning realtor William Pierce is well-known for his emphasis on integrity, professionalism, and excellence, which is why he’s committed to building the most exemplary team in South Florida real estate.

To that end, Perfect Property Purchases is happy to welcome the newest member of the unbelievable team, South American-born Lusmila Duval, a passionate and multi-faceted individual with ambition and a deeply-rooted love for helping people. As a real estate professional, she is able to assist many people find their dream homes and enter that exciting chapter in their lives, which is very inspiring.

Having moved to the United States seven years ago with her son in tow, Lusmila displayed an astounding ambition and drive to get where she is today. She grew up in Colombia with a very supportive family that instilled in her the independence and confidence she has that has helped her to achieve her goals.

She has experience in a multitude of industries, from fashion to advertising and many in between, exposing her to the constantly-changing market and imparting her with a variety of skills she implements in all her professional endeavors. Her sales and management experience give her an edge in negotiation and leadership while her inherent outgoing personality and honesty create bonds with her clients. At the end of the day, these qualities deliver positive results and lifelong relationships founded on trust and made effective with expertise.

Lusmila has a loving husband whom she met in the states and who has fully supported her professional pursuits throughout her journey. Owning his own car dealership and finance company, her husband Tim has been a source of professional advice and mentoring, as well as one of stability. She also has a 15-year old son who earned an academic scholarship attending American Heritage.

She is described by her friends and peers as outgoing, honest, friendly, and ethical. When it comes to the agent/client relationship, Lusmila states, “honesty and integrity should go without saying…it’s about a relationship based on trust, knowledge, and expertise.” She will no doubt be an asset to these seeking the finest Miami Beach, Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale Luxury Homes.

Needless to say, she’ll be a great fit for William Pierce’s reputable and high-performing team. As the region’s leading specialist in luxury properties of all types, William Pierce is committed to helping homebuyers find the home of their dreams. To learn more about what he and his expert team can do for you, call 954-543-0431.

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