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William Pierce and Team Up with Interior Designers Steven G.

May 30th, 2013

Few realtors know luxury homes like William Pierce, who remains one of the leading providers of South Florida’s most opulent residences. With his intimate understanding of the best designs on the market, William Pierce and have teamed up with one of the world’s premier Interior Design company, Steven G Inc., to help provide clients with unmatched professional designs.

Operating for over 36 years, Steven G is one of the industry’s most experienced and proven designers. Not only have they worked on residences throughout the country, but their talent has taken them to luxury markets across the world, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Brazil, the Bahamas, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, and many more.

Indeed, demand for their innovative and high-quality designs have soared to the point that even their 75,000 square foot showroom can only accommodate so much, with the group recently opening an office-gallery in New York City. Given their popularity in this highly discerning market, it goes without saying that you’ll be getting the best designs and services imaginable.

Steven G’s in-house staff consists of licensed interior designers, technical designs, and design renderers who have been LEED accredited, and will work with you step-by-step to provide a comprehensive view of your finished product prior to installation. Their attention to detail – including to your every need and preference – is unmatched in the industry.

The company’s full-time librarian maintains an astounding collection of over 1,500 catalogs from some of the finest vendors in the world, allowing this expert team to choose from a wide-range of amazing selections, including window treatments, millwork, furniture, artwork, greenery, accessories, and much more.

Steven G’s services are reliable and meticulous, with every step of the design process being supervised by interior designers and on-site project managers. They’re with you on every process, including scheduling, installation, and shipping. Their professionalism, efficiency, and creativity are why they’ve attracted clients all over the world.

Needless to say, William Pierce only works with the best to deliver an unbelievable standard of service. Now you too can emulate the world-class designs of the most luxurious properties on the market. To learn more about the best Miami Beach Luxury Homes on the market, call William Pierce at 954-648-3131.

Visit Steven G.’s specially designed page in

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