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As good as $old – Interview with William Pierce

July 9th, 2014

WPDPIERCE_whiteback-250x341In the world of high-end real estate, William P.D. Pierce, is Jamaica’s home grown star. A son of the soil, Pierce has made a name for himself in the US market and in 2013
was named the #1 Associate for Coldwell Banker in Southeast Florida, as well as won the award for the highest paid realtor commissions for Coldwell Banker, among many other accolades. In just five minutes by way of meeting or speaking with Pierce, one thing is for sure; this man has a true zest for life. He is as inspiring, is as he is creative
and visionary, not only professionally but personally. KúYA writer Amber Godfrey unearths the man behind some of the hottest real estate deals in America. You attended Wolmer’s Boys School and Priory High and by the time you were 17 you started an automotive parts company, Motor Trend Ltd, which you sold. Then you left

Jamaica to chase the ‘American Dream’. Do you still consider Jamaica “home” ?

My heart and soul are in this island that many still have yet to discover. However, I wouldn’t say that I left to chase the American Dream, it is anyone’s dream to reach a level of success they’re comfortable with and to be able to come back to your roots and continue to influence.

What’s your life philosophy?

Success is the best revenge. I am my biggest critic therefore expect the best of myself. Provide the best, receive the best and that’s what I do for my clients. When you get the opportunity to achieve higher and create the unbelievable, well that’s what sends a strong message.

What is it about real estate that makes you tick?

I was fortunate to meet Mr Donald Trump himself and during our conversation it was he, who pointed out that my talents would be better utilized within the real estate business. On my first day as an agent I sold 19 condos and it’s been great ever since. I have been privileged to work with some of the most interesting and successful individuals. Every deal is different and every person is a new experience.

On average, how many homes have you sold each year as a real estate agent?

I don’t concentrate on how many homes; I judge my success, less through the quantity of homes and
more through quality of the sale.

What was your most expensive listing?

I sold a condo for $34 million, which at the time of the sale was the record breaker for the SE Florida market. That sale set a precedent that paved the road for future condo sales and now there are condos selling in the range of $50 million. I am proud to have made that contribution in the South Florida market.

Describe the experience of selling your client their dream house.

My favored part of the deal is delivering the client exactly what they desire in its entirety. You have a wide Internet marketing presence.

Why this is so important for sales?

In almost anything, change is key; people have and will continue to increasingly turn to the Internet to find information about real estate. Visuals are important
when it comes to looking at properties, finding potential buyers and sellers. My wife Penelope was accountable for initiating the marketing changes and since
then I have seen the greatest returns both personally and financially. Thanks to social media and networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s
possible for anyone to establish a positive web presence.

You are always “on” and working. It’s an impressive trait. This must be a contributing factor to your success…

I admit, I am always on, it’s the only way to engage in creating opportunities you never would’ve known existed. Its second-hand nature to me and its
probably one of the reasons that I do well. I reach out to anyone with influence because you just never know. Truth is, my wife and I have taken a client to see
a property at midnight, by candlelight of course. Very few provide that type of accessibility and this is a forte of mine.

Selling such high-end properties has sure given you a taste of the good life. What’s your greatest extravagance?

I have much gratitude because my father blessed us with a good life, so the need to continue his legacy as a great provider, propels me to do what I do.
But to answer the second part, given that my first company had to do with cars that would be it. I love cars! Can’t get enough of them, mix that with my wife’s
love of music and what a match—a Ferrari is a wonderful piece of machinery with great music playing!

What advice would you give home-owners today trying to sell property in the current market?

Hire a professional real estate agent such as the ones at Coldwell Banker and listen to their advice. A great agent has a pulse on the market that will position
your home correctly and one that will deliver you the highest exposure. It’s simple economics – the higher the exposure…the higher the price. Properties
are one of the most expensive assets one can own, treat it as such and put it in the hands of a person who gets the best results.

You recently vacationed in Jamaica with your family, what’s your favourite part of the island?

This is a two-part answer, but my favorite part of the island is anywhere that I know my father put his mark on. He was a civil engineer and he helped to
build some of the famous landmarks in Jamaica such as the Cement Company building, Kingston Dry Docks, the Wray & Nephew building, the Jamaica Flour
Mills plants, the Bank of Jamaica in Kingston and also Sans Souci in Ocho Rios. Apart from that I really love Port Antonio as it has much to offer without all the
tourist traffic..

So when will we see William Pierce making a million dollar purchase in Jamaica? Where?

Jamaica is home, we are considering building but, if I can convince my wife, we will have a place in both Kingston and a vacation villa on the North coast to have some tranquility.

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